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Default Re: "Socialism, the N-word, and 'birthers'"

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
More from the champions of "choice" and free speech. Now it seems that labeling someone a socialist is tantamount to calling them the "N-word". And those that wish bho would produce a real birth cert are labeled "birthers". "Socialist" isn't code for anything. And to be clear, I always call them "socialist bastards".
since you are the one who started this thread, and because saying "it seems..." is really only based on you own perception i gotta ask-

what does it "seem" like to you?


a) 1 person on MSNBC thinks that labeling someone as a socialist is tantamount to calling them the "N-word"

B) that 300+ million US citizens believe this.

or c) 6,000,000,000+ people who populate this earth think that?

it seems like alot of people really like to reach to me.
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