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Default Re: All o-bull@#$% aside

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
This should be news to no one. The problem isn't that we have bad health care, and the problem isn't the insurance companies. The problem is that hospitals and drug companies get to make up whatever price they want. Fix that, and you've fixed the problem with our health care system. Instead, they want to go through all this to basically accomplish nothing. You're doing it wrong.
I believe there is still a problem with the health insurance companies. Their rates are just as high as the drug companies and hospitals. I pay roughly $320 per month for my family of 5 to be insured. When I go to the doctor it is a $20 co-pay. Then whatever my insurance doesn't cover, I have to pick up the tab. So in one year I pay approximately $3,840, visit the doctors office, on average about 4 times per year so that's another $80, my children may go to the doctor's 3 times per year so that's another $180, and my wife rarely goes so we'll say, just for sake of argument she's another $40. So now after the co-pay I'm out over $4100. If the company I work at becomes an at-risk company (meaning more employees go to the doctors) then my premiums go up. If I'm privately insured, they can drop me - without warning.

I can get screwed either way.

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