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Default Re: Okay, guys need you're help. (For The Pittsburghers)

Originally Posted by Avoid LLoyd1975
Being a steeler fan is almost like a terminal sickness. Most fans create and plan their daily activities around this team. Almost like a junkie needing his fix. I.E. I have to check everyday or everyday. I have to search every newspaper that is produced just for the simple fact that it might contain info on my team. EVERYDAY!!! People plan gatherings months in advance just to unite for one game a year. What the steeler organization means to the city of fans is pride in what you do. Busting your ass and earning it the right way. First class team earning their rewards in a blue collar manner. I grew up youngest of nine kids. Wealthy family, but mom and dad never gave us shit except the roof over our head which you had to work for. That is what makes the steeler fan base so large and loyal. You never forget how you were brought up or created. A hard working person can appreciate a team like the steelers. Its all about heart baby...
LOL this is me to a T. I'm so addicted

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