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Default Re: All o-bull@#$% aside

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
True, insurance isn't cheap, and it pisses me off how the insurance companies always seem to look for ways to shirk their responsibility. But I don't think that would be as big of a problem if the people providing the health care hadn't artificially jacked up the price so high in the first place. If you put a law in place that told the hospital "No, you can't try to bill $60,000 for something that costs maybe $1,000 or $2,000 to provide," then all of a sudden insurance gets a lot cheaper, your out-of-pocket costs go way down, and there's not so much fighting over what's getting paid for and what's not.
Best way to lower costs is to move Big Insurance's cheese by taking the restrictions of HSAs. If you let HSAs be a legitimate option people would ditch insurance, put that money in the bank, and make their own decisions instead of throwing their money down a rathole. Even better, doctors get paid right away instead of waiting 3 months and having their staff make 30 phone calls to the insurance company.
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