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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

This coming from the party who's Senator Dingle tells a man and his cerebal palsey son to go sit down.

This coming from the side of Code Pink, Acorn, SEIU. SEIU who I should point out
pummeled a black gentleman oustside a town hall meeting when he was handing out "don't tread on me" flags.

This coming from the party of Nancy Pelosi...who after being silent for years while the aforementioned Code Pink pulled some very classless acts, teams up with another Lib senator to write an op-ed peace on how un-American we are for asking our representaves to listen to us and answer questions. So far, has there been any incidents of red finger paint being put in the face of these senators ? Or yelling out inside actual senate hearings where a secretary of state is giving testimony ? Oh wait, those are the classy acts of Code Pink reserved to "have your voice heard" by Condy Rice. We just wave invisible swastikas that oddly ARE able to be seen by Ms Pelosi.

Hey little girl who asked that nice Mr President such a well thought out question about those mean things on the signs of those ugly Republicans, aren't you the daughter of one of Obamas biggest campaign contributors ?

Nah, cause such tactics would be classless.

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