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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Well, There is my post in a nutshell.

And I hope your wife acted like the good military wife she probably is... Have the police found the body yet?
My wife has something people like SteelTalons and tony will NEVER have....class.

She simply told the aforementioned individual to have a nice day and walked away. A few DECENT (decent being NOT tony or SteelTalons) individuals kindly told the young man that it would be in his best interests to leave my family alone. He did, but not after firing off the requisite facist comment.

Oh, this happened while I was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Qatar.

SteelTalons and tony, I'm waiting for your responses. But seeing as how I doubt you'll answer me, I'll wait for my infraction from the mods.
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