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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

Originally Posted by SteelTalons View Post
How the hell am I a hypocrite? Of course thats not classy but you don't see Democrats cheering that kind of asshole activity like these MFers did.

Sure we got our fair share of idiots but how many liberals glorify them? Take for instance Bill Maher dealing with a "Truther" you know the assholes who think 9/11 was Bushes fault!

1. Bill Maher is the biggest piece of dirt walking the planet. I honestly wish he'd get anal cancer and die. A slow painful death.

2. You might not cheer them, but you DAMN SURE don't speak out against them. Why is that, because they're the ones doing your dirty work for you. While Code Pink, MoveOn, and others spread the manure, you and your ultralib buddies.

These days, I'm almost ashamed to call myself a Democrat. People like you have taken over the party and it makes me sick.
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