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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

Originally Posted by J Dogg View Post
Remember the Bush signs with the swastikas in them? How about the Bush joke face from Vanity Fair? I was not a fan of President Bush, but those attacks were lowbrow and disgusting.

But now a few things happen to President Obama and the uberlibs start throwing the race card and saying they want all the partisan attacks to stop. Well it's too late libs. The BDs are on to you. Pretty soon you'll be focred to answer to the real fiscal conservatives within your own party. The spend and tax express is pulling to it's final stop without any of your socialist platform being fulfilled.
You know, (and I NEVER thought I would hear my self say this...well, see myself type this) if the democrats came out pro-life and financially conservative, with how far left the GOP has moved, I could see myself voting democrat (as long as they were supporting the military as well, instead of balancing the budget on the back of the military).

That isn't because I am a fan of democrats... that is because I am a true conservative, and there just is no party for me anymore. The GOP is WAY too liberal, and the dems have fallen off the edge with socialist programs.

Let an old blue-dog democrat run and just see how much this country would come back together. I honestly think that Lieberman should have refused to caucaus with the dems and ran as an independent in the elections. Against McCain, there is about a 50/50 chance he would have gotten my vote.
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