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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
You know, (and I NEVER thought I would hear my self say this...well, see myself type this) if the democrats came out pro-life and financially conservative, with how far left the GOP has moved, I could see myself voting democrat (as long as they were supporting the military as well, instead of balancing the budget on the back of the military).
The Dems as a party will NEVER come out as pro-life. It goes against everything the base stands for. They want abortion on demand in a no fault world. If you hold your breath waiting for this to happen, you'll pass out.

Second, the Dems will never support the military the way that most Americans think they need supported. Again, this goes against everything the base stands for. Not that the Repubs have done a bang up job in the last 8 years mind you. But the Dems would rather young people join AmeriCorps, City Year, ACORN, and other organizations that they can control rather than the military that answers to a higher legal and ethical authority.
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