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Default Re: And now a word from Dutch...

Originally Posted by J Dogg View Post
At least you admit you want to nationalize health care.
Nationalization - the act of taking an industry or assets into the public ownership of a national government or state.

And yet I dont support a single payer only system. Im supporting a hybrid system with a government run and private sector plans. You act like Im saying hijack the industry completely, all Im saying is fix whats broke, provide more options when it comes to healthcare, and to cover the 50million uninsured AMERICANS.

If Im a "socialist" for that. Then your not a "conservative" your a "closet anarchist with a flag fetish". What do I say we do, besides pay for the utilities for cities to run and for the postal service to function, along with education(which needs reform), healthcare, and the military. Other than that we just need to set the basic rules in place so the markets don't have the big ass bubbles, this boom and bust cycle that historically plagued this country at the beginning, but deregulation by your anarchist caused it to leap out of the grave once one and here we are.

Last time I checked Clinton got a surplus because he understood if your gonna spend money you have to make it. And the only way to make it is taxes. So unless you go all Ron Paul on us and be anti-government about EVERYTHING. There is no way for you to get out your damn taxes, despite the fact you keep electing people to "cut taxes".

I swear I think you people are anarchist with a flag fetish, you claim you love this country and its values yet you apparently don't give a damn about anything but your money. You just like the flag and claim your so proud of your country despite the fact you bitch and moan about EVERYTHING it does besides cut taxes.

The only thing that Im really LIBERAL about is social issues. Economically, not so much. Only a few things I say they should get involved in, like investing OUR tax dollar on US, on OUR healthcare and education and to maintain the standard of living.

By the worlds standard people like, myself are conservative! Im not screaming socialism, nor am I advising it. Controlling 8 to 15% of GDP isn't socialism, 50% or more like in European countries is socialism.

Its like you people would love to see nothing more than the Constitution ripped up and for us to put the Articles of Confederation back in place. So the government doesn't have the damn power to do anything, not even tax. You're going all states rights on us despite the fact life would be so much different and our military would extremely suck ass if we did that.

Conservatives my ass... Is there no in between with you people? Does it always have to be ZERO government involvement or TOTAL government involvement on every damn thing we do?

Where's Henry Clay when you need him?
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