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Default Re: Kudos to Arlen Specter

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
A simple fix. Give the border agents the shoot to kill order. That should slow them down and the drug trafficking.
that or a 300 yard buffer zone heavily laced with mines.... if you make it.. welcome to the usa...

Rancher who rounded up border crossers on trial

A federal jury in Arizona is deciding if a ranch owner can detain illegal immigrants he caught on his land.
Arizona rancher Roger Barnett, 64, owner of the 22,000-acre Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz, is one defendent in a $32 milllion civil rights trial brought by 16 Mexican citizens he detained at gunpoint in March 2007.
"This is my land. I'm the victim here,'' Barnett told the Washington Times.

Barnett acknowledged detaining over 12,000 illegal immigrants on his ranch and turning them over to the Border Patrol since 1998, when border enforcement operations began to funnel illegal crossers to remote areas. He told the Times he was protecting his property from illegal immigrants who had killed calves, destroyed fences, gates and water pumps, and broken into his home.

Along the Texas-Mexico border, confrontations between ranchers and illegal immigrants have a long and tragic history. Since 1999, there have been a half-dozen shootings of Mexican immigrants by property owners or ranch hands along the border, some of them accidential and others intentional.
In 2004, a San Antonio energy company owner agreed to a $15 million settlement for the family of a 24-year-old Mexican man killed by a worker on his 17,000-acre ranch east of Laredo. The ranch worker, later indicted on manslaughter charges, claimed he was hunting and mistook the illegal immigrant who was crossing the border for a wild hog.
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