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Default Re: Kudos to Arlen Specter

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
thats just it...they DON'T wanna get rid of them !!! giving them a ride to the border doesn't do a damn bit of good considering they just turn around and climb right back under the fence. the FIRST thing they need to do is plug up the holes that they get through before wasting time by deporting.they don't need a fence, they need a 3 foot thick 20 ft high concrete wall with NATIONAL GUARD walking on it like they do at prisons, with surviellence cameras and motion sencors... and the check point personel needs to be rotated freaquently to make it more difficult for them to find the corrupt ones that take bribes.
then they need to start focusing on the people who hire them and revamp the system as far as identification when seeking employment...they don't have to look for them to deport them. cut off thier source of income and they'll leave on thier own.
Ya know the really sad part ? From what I understand, funding and legislation has been in place for a long time do to most of the things you mentioned. So why the hell hasn't it been done ?

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