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Default Re: Stay classy Republicans...

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
friends that have to be "bought" aren't really friends. , and how much return, do you think we get on these "investments" ? i seem to recall a few years ago we gave mexico a big chunk of change "to stimulate thier economy" and provide jobs to the mexican people. the reasoning our elected liars gave was if they had jobs there, they wouldn't come here... well in the end we'll get the last laugh, because there won't be any jobs here...maybe thats the new strategy.
but anywho...shouldn't the US citizens be the biggest interest to this country? it sure don't seem like it is. they have no problem handing our money over to other countries, but yet cut funding for education and aid programs here to trim the budget...sorry but thats just freakin wrong !!!
I think preacher handled the "foreign aid" question fairly well, but of course it's a case by case basis. Much to long to discuss on the board. I agree, MOP, that it's hard to watch those tax dollars go to something that doesn't benefiet the American people. So tell me which is more expedient...Sending aid $$$ to foreign countries whose alliance benefiets America or studying the shitting and mating habits of the silverback red assed baboon in the middle western southern region of Africa ?

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