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Default Re: Mangini needs to loosen up a bit?

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Browns fans had their hearts broken when Cowher turned them down flat and they had to settle for Mangenius after his failure in NY.
Don't forget, Lerner grabbed him the day after he was FIRED by the Jets.

Jets fans absolutely hated him.

"Mangini has To Go" at

"Mangini's clock management was horrendous as exemplified by using all timeouts halfway through the 2nd quarter and calling a timeout when the Patriots had a crucial 3rd and 2 which took the crowd out of the game. In addition, Mangini made no visible adjustments to the Patriots short passing game and delay running plays which was basically their entire offense. In sum, Mangini will never get the Jets where they want to go and the team's spending of millions this offseason will just go to waste."

"Mangini and the whole coaching staff is a joke. plain and simple. 23-25 spells LOSER to me. If he was still a first year coach i might be able to excuse the mental mistakes and all of the penalties, but this is his 3rd year. This is by far the damn dumbest Jets team i have ever seen. The play calling is horrendus, clock management is pitiful, and awnser me this why trade for Brett Favre if your gonna handcuff him into being Chad Pennington. Does he do anything but teach the playbook?? Fundamentally and mentally this team is weak."
And it won't be any different this year in Cleveland.

Browns fans say that he's going to make this team a smart, disciplined bunch. But a leopard cannot change it's spots...this team is still the Cleveland Browns.

Either a not very good Derek Anderson or a very unproven Brady Quinn at QB.

Braylon Edwards' unsure hands (if he can stay on the field long enough to have a pass thrown his way) and a rookie as the starting wideouts.

An old Jamal Lewis and Jerome Harrison (who is a big play threat, but I don't know if he can run between the tackles) are the top two running backs.

The offensive line should be pretty good, probably the bright spot of the team/offense.

On defense, you have Shaun Rogers at NT, the best player on the defense. At ILB they have D'Qwell Jackson, a tackling machine. Everyone else on the defense is questionable at best, IMHO.

Mangina also brought in a lot of ex-Jets this year. He should have gotten the Jets first rounder for this past draft and next year's draft for the #5 overall pick but instead took a bunch of Jets that were never more than role players anyhow.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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