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Default Re: What team will sign Micheal Vick ?

ESPN is saying that the Ravens are seriously considering him.

I don't think he will be signed by an NFL team.

He would be a huge distraction.

There will be fans that will be outraged by the signing. Fellow players very well might not be happy with it.

There will be protests inside and outside of the stadiums. PETA won't be the worst of them either. There are more militia-type animal rights groups out there that won't be looking to hold signs and chant and yell...they will be looking for confrontations with fans. Don't want to get attacked? Don't go to the game.

Not to mention, what position would he even play?

He was a bad quarterback. Most teams run an offense that is passing oriented, not oriented to a QB who's main talent is running a la Vick. His stats throwing the ball render him a backup, but you can find a backup just as good (or is it bad?) who brings a lot less drama to the team.

Wide receiver? Can he run routes and catch the ball???Nobody knows, he has been a quarterback for so long. Is he worth a roster spot just to find out?

Running back? After all, he was most known for running as a quarterback. But a running quarterback is different from a running back. I don't think he can hold up as a RB, he'll get hit very hard.

Just for gadget plays or the wildcat? Is he even worth all the trouble for that? I really do not think so.

He hasn't played NFL football in two years. I would guarantee that Vick isn't anywhere near close to football shape. He very well might have lost a step or two in his speed which makes him even less of a threat.

I just don't see how it would be wise for any NFL team to take the chance on Vick.

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