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Originally Posted by Lambertfan View Post
What the hell is going on in the nfl stupid pro Bowl before the Super the Drift on Thusday sand Fridays?
Umm...ok, dunno what this has to do with anything in this thread. But to comment on what you said, they are trying the PB before the SB, because normally next to nobody watched it when its after the SB, because not a lot of people care. So they are trying it before the SB to see how it goes...the only thing i dont like is that the players who are in the SB, wont be playing in the PB, so yeah. As far as the draft, they are moving it into Prime Time TV, which I actually dont mind, doing the 1st rd on Thurs, 2/3rd on Fri, and rest on Sat. I kinda like the idea, yes it adds an extra day to the draft but i think it'll be a little more planned out and wont seem to take forever (since there arent as many rounds on some days/etc).
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