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Default Re: What team will sign Micheal Vick ?

Originally Posted by arge5809 View Post
How about Minnesota or San Fransisco? But need a QB.
That's what I was thinking. Both are stupid for not bringing him in. I don't care how bad of a passer people say Vick is -- it's indisputable that he's been good enough to get to the playoffs if he's got decent talent around him. Teams like the Vikings and 49ers don't even have that. All Vick has to do is not be an absolutely HORRIBLE quarterback and he'd be an upgrade for them.

In reality, the team that signs him will probably be whoever's starter goes down with a serious injury by Week 6.

There won't be mass protests or boycotts. People have much more important priorities in life. If anything, there will be a handful of disgruntled people protesting the first game, and then it'll die out except for 15 PETA nutcases who just make themselves look stupid.
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