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Default Re: Moonbat Defined...

so much for the ephemeral "wisdom" revs has put on display in this thread. i guess ive given him enough rope....

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Desperate attempt to backpeddle...typical third string stuff but not really even worth addressing...(although where did 2002 come in?)
piss poor attempt of deflection. and if it wasnt worth addressing why did you not let it go instead of foolishly proving your own self wrong?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Back on task, there are two hypothesis about the origin of the term...both pre-date 2002 (STILL have no idea where that date came from, but, then again, I have no idea where a good 2/3rds of Tony's "facts" come from). Regardless:

1. It is a play on the name of the infamous columnist George Monbiot, noted for his remarkable ability to learn the human language and prolifically approximate punditry for a large circulation British newspaper.

2. It's also a simple descriptive term, effectively marrying the legendary "lunacy" associations of lunar mythology with the rather unattractive characteristics of flying rodentia.

Monbiot is the more likely of the two, at least as far as the association with crazed loony leftists. The term itself I think dates all the way back to a Heinlein novel from '47 (at least according to William Saffire).

Anyway, I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...
horrible crib job of not only my post but the wikipedia article it mentions. par for the course. thats your MO. google it, click the first link, crib what you read by changing a few selective words, and passing it it off as your own thoughts. (but in this case you did it shamelessly in regards to the space novel in 1947).

where do i get my facts? straight from the source. they were right there under your nose in the OP.

Moonbat can also be used as an adjective, e.g. a moonbat professor. According to the Wikipedia entry for moonbat, the word was coined in 2002 by the Editor of Samizdata, Perry de Havilland, and was a variation on the name of radical British activist and columnist George Monbiot.
the phrase "blind as a bat" couldnt be more apropo. dont believe it, go visit his site. you might wanna do a bit more research before you try going "old school" on us.

you simply went "grade school".

the context you constantly use it in is as "new school" as it gets. it pretty much become popular and "trendy" amongst right wing forums, blogs, and the internet geeks who frequent them.
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