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Default Re: WTH Is Wrong With Kids Today???

I somewhat agree with Preach's first post, and Galax and JDogg above. There is no punishment anymore. I was in a grocery store and everywhere I went there was this heathen child and mother were, I swear, following me around the store. This kid was beyond bad, throwing things, screaming, kicking the shelves, etc. I couldn't beleive what I saw until I saw what the mother did. She grabbed little heathen child by the arm and said " I am counting to three! One.....two.....three." NOTHING, the child did not change his attitude. So, what does the mother do you ask, she starts counting to three again! There has to be a consequence when you get to three. If I ever let my mother get to three when I was growing up, I probably wouldn't be on this earth today.

I look at it this way, and this is kind of a cruel analogy so sorry if people take what I am saying out of context. If a kid sticks his/her hand on a hot stove it is going to hurt like hell and they will not do it again. I don't condone child abuse, but a little punishment would do some good
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