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Default Re: My Pirate Pre-Season Analysis

ok well I havn't updated this in a long time so I'll give you another position before I go to bed.


Starter - Chris Duffy
Backup - Jason Bay/Nate McLouth/Jody Gerut

This is the guy im most excited to see what he can do. I really think he will become a permanent fixture in CF. Tike Redman can't wash Duffy's jock strap. Ok now that I gloated about Duffy I'll back it up with some numbers. Now his offensive numbers are a little inflated as he played against other September call ups, but anyway you cut it .341 is .341! His value is really in his attitude and the way he plays the game... 100 percent all the time. He finally gives us a legitimate leadoff hitter. I thank god we got rid of Tike Redman. Unlike Redman who was a liability in CF Duffy's stong point is his great range and defense. Over 33 games he had a .988 fielding percentage. He really can take up some of the defensive slack in right and help out Bay in left. His range factor was 2.94, to give you an idea of how good that is, the league leader was a 3.05 followed by 2.93. He is at the top of the league in defensive center fielders. The only real question I see is will he be able to maintain his high level of play for an entire season

My Grade - B- (just due to experience)

Oh ya, 400 posts!!!!! Whoo Hoo now I'm a starter! Just in time for the big game
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