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Default Re: WTH Is Wrong With Kids Today???

I agree that there is a HUGE difference between discipline and abuse. Hell - if I looked at my parents crooked when I was a kid, dared to disrespect them or the good and honorable values they instilled in me, I would get my ass beat and I deserved it. The belt, stick, shoe, flyswatter (those fookers HURT!) back-scratcher - whatever my Mom could grab fast and in a hurry. Today, she would be jailed. My kids got their hineys cracked when they needed it and when my 9 year old grandson was a little younger and stepped out of line when in MY home, he got a swat across his tush or a tap in the mouth.

Anyone - whether a child or an adult - who intentionally harms an innocent animal (or child) should get their ass kicked from here to Timbuktoo - no questions asked. Period.

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