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Default Re: WTH Is Wrong With Kids Today???

Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
As a guy from the "Gamer Generation", this is complete baloney! I grew up playing Doom and the old GTA games and what not, but I am not a barbarian nor a psychopath.

My parents taught be right from wrong and were firm believers in butt whoopings. Kids now get away with murder, parents do not have control of their kids. Either their parents are both working and they are "raised" by a babysitter or sibling who is just a kid themselves. (read Latch-Key Kids) Or, the parents themselves don't have any morals to pass along to their children. Kids now are so spoiled too, they think the world owes them a favor. When I see a 8 year old kid jabber jawing on their iPhone it makes me want to scream!

It is a common theme in society to blame someone or something else instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Kids do it, adults do it, hell... even the government does it!

It's not my fault I shot the guy, Grand Theft Auto made me do it. It's not my fault I'm addicted to drugs, Snoop Dog made me do it. It's not my fault I'm fat, McDonalds made me this way. It's not my fault I fell off the roof trying to fly, Peter Pan said I could do it

My Grandfather's favorite saying growing up was "you make the bed, you sleep in it". It seems that no longer applies...

P.S.: If you knew me in real life I am HUGE on accountability and responsibility. Excuses just burn my ass!

First... you took my post in a direction I did not intend. I was simply talking about how we devalue life... and that is one part of a much larger issue.

However, in response to what you DID post... The distinction I make... and you ALSO made it in your post... is the fact that you had parents to teach you the difference. To guide you. I too am VERY big on personal responsibility. However, I ALSO understand that kids have to be guided. When i saw something on TV, and I tried to mimic it cause I thought it was funny, my mother put the smack down on me. I learned very fast that TV and videogames WERE NOT reality, nor was it funny to MIMIC it in reality.

When you have kids that do NOT have PARENTAL GUIDANCE, that won't correct them for doing wrong, and will not teach them that it is not funny or cool to mimic what they see on a screen, then you get kids that do very idiot things. The facts are out there.

It is out there in the kid who killed his younger sibling replicating a wrestling move from a video game.

The hundreds of kids who break arms, legs, etc, trying to replicate skateboard/snowboard moves on video games,

etc. etc.

IS IT THE VIDEO GAME'S FAULT? NO. It is the Parent's fault for letting those who are too young or to little mental faculty play the game. But to completely exhonerate video games is wrong.

After all, the military uses high tech video games for a specific reason... as do the police in many counties... To mold and cut down reaction time.

Again, right and mature mental faculty is needed-- and that is the parent's responsibility.

That is not an excuse, that is an honest assessment of the situation, as was my first post. I don't look for cheap excuses.... they never solve problems.
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