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Default Re: Moonbat Defined...

Huh? YOU brought up 2002, and your "proof" is that Wiki said the origin was 2002 does that have to do with me? I didn't even LOOK at wikipedia because it's mostly a piece of shit made up by benchwarmers...

This is typical. I catch you in a fabrication or simply not knowing what the eff you're talking about and you IMMEDIATELY leap into the personal attacks. This time it's REALLY shitty though because I don't even know where this is all stemming from. YOU put words and DATES in my mouth then try to bash me over the head with stupid shit YOU make up? The saddest and most pathetic part is watching you almost knock yourself out with a barrage of BS self-admiration at your great "victory"...

Really, this is 4th stringer garbage...and getting worse by the day.
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