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Default Re: WTH Is Wrong With Kids Today???

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
Because their Fathers don't have Leather Belts to Beat their Sorry Arses with when they do something against the Public Good.

My father had a Stick...a large stick...he placed it in my room when I was about 11 years old...he said..."See this stick...when you turn 18, I'm going to beat the shiiit out of you with this stick for all the bad stuff you do."

Guess what...I was a good fcking kid. When I turned 18, my Pop commended me on my good behavior and we had a beer together. He only ever booted my arse once.

I played every video game in the world, played army, shot people with toy guns, did all that crap...but Knew if I fcked up...Pop was going to take it out on me with the Stick.

That's the problem.
Bingo. They go hand in hand. One WILL have the influence if the other doesn't. And 99 out of 100 times, the HUMAN will have the influence over the non-human source . . . but that also means the human has to teach a respect for life (or just a respect for your neighbor, which roughly translates the same in a kids brain).
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