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Default Re: Respond to this comment.

As a Steelers fan who grew up in South Jersey surrounded by Eagle fans this isn't so uncommon. Just look at NFL merchandise sales. Not recent sales, but the sales over the past 25 years. The Cowboys clearly are the NY Yankees of the NFL when it comes to number of fans, but the Raiders, Steelers, and 49ers are all in the top four!

The Eagles might be there now because they're winning, but stepping back and looking at the big picture usually provides one the truth.

Philly is a city that "almost" wins. They are almost as cursed as Boston was with the Red Sox. The Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, and even Sixers have all come close in the past 10 years but always seem to choke at the last possible minute which just crushes Philly fans.

Just remember one thing. As much as your friend thinks he's right, and you think you're right, you both come from cities with GREAT traditions and pride. Both are blue collar hard working cites, and if I was fighting in a war I'd take a guy from "either" city beside me!
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