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Default Dungy was trying to get Vick to the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Dungy was steering Vick toward the Pittsburgh Steelers. Reid entered and listened to Dungy's assurance that Vick had, foremost, grown as a person. The football stuff, Dungy was assuring there, too. But Reid needed no reminder that this quarterback -- the first player selected in the 2001 draft, only 29 years old, the owner of an impressive 71-52 touchdown/interception tally and producer of 21 rushing touchdowns -- is beyond your basic NFL talent.

Here is a key element that both McNabb and Reid realize about Vick: This Eagles locker room will not only embrace the player, but it will be energized. Football players respect other football players who can do things on the field that they cannot do. Their excitement in his ability, in watching it, in daily exposure to it, will help others maximize their abilities. It helps raise the bar of performance all around for the Eagles. For McNabb, for Reid, that is a good thing.

Finally, McNabb says he is not threatened by Vick's arrival. I think that is credible because McNabb has come to his best peace with his Eagles tenure and realizes the end is closer than most realize. I believe he is more confident about what he can do this season with this bunch than with any Eagles team that has surrounded him.

I think McNabb is certain that this is a season where he can take care of business.

And that he is prepared to tackle the pressures that come with making that a reality.

And that Michael Vick helps him get there.

~Man, Dungy. I get where you were going with this, but dude. Seriously . Thank god the Eagles took him to completely take away the possibility.
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