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Default Re: Lakelanders Saturday Practice Review ... first day back from scrimmage

Originally Posted by The Lakelander View Post
Do the moderators around here really allow winkies like you to thrive on these boards.

Because you'd be axed from our Steelers fan site with this kind of bull shit!

We don't tolerate your kind of punk-ass trash over at our site!

Who are you trying to impress son?

Grow the fukc up already!
well damn dude , your hangin on the guys jock tighter than espn does to tom brady's... i'm just trying to figure out why your so enamored over 32 freakin yards .. you don't think adjatives like "STELLAR..and STAR", are a bit over the top for 32 yds against 3rd stringers ??? ...hey if you like the guy...fine...but you seem to be workin pretty hard to try to convince others that he's the best thing since sliced bread. i think most people here are smart enough to not develope a man crush over a guy thats done nothing that resembles an impressive feat. maybe you'd have better luck pushing your agenda on YOUR site. where people could use "an eye for certain talent", like you have.
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