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Default Re: Dungy was trying to get Vick to the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Originally Posted by stillers4me View Post
Vick is only remorseful because he got-caught.
corrected for factual content

Originally Posted by pepsyman1 View Post
Who wrote that crap article? An impressive 71-52 touchdown/interception ratio??? This was some fluff PR piece with no link to reality.
Vick is entertaining to watch 'perform', but he isn't a quarterback by ANY stretch of the imagination, and his talents make a for a great 'video-game' / matrix-like player:
known for his running (rather than scrambling to set-up the pass), he lays the ball on the field every 10 carries (55 fumbles on 529 rushes), and NO running-back in the League would be keep on the roster with those numbers.

God Bless Philthadelphia for taking him off the menu!!!!!

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