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Default Re: Sigs and Artwork by Steelersfanmx (not dialup friendly)

These are awesome!

I would love a new sig and avatar this year........ I'm not picky. Anything defense oriented would be perfect! (I'm partial to Harrison or Troy). Or something cool with Tomlin. You've got a great imagination so I'll leave it up to you!

I wouldn't even mind if it was a tad bit feminine so other posters would stop referring to me as "dude" or "bro". If not...that's ok, too.

Thanks so much! You da best!
"We're not going to turn our backs on him," Ward said. "We're going to treat him like our brother. We're going to accept him back and be very supportive of him and help him get through this. In this locker room, he's still our quarterback."
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