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Default Re: Browns game thread

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
I and a lot of other people were at the Texans game this past year Rev.

Stuck through the whole damn thing, watched it in the cold, in the upper section of the Dawg Pound, watched us not even score an offensive TD.

Couple of folks went to the battle of the intept game with Cincy and the Browns that I know on the board. Not just folks from Cleveland, but, folks from Miami and even the UK. To watch a losing football team, one that was sitting duck.

I still wear a Browns sock hat in the winter and gloves and stuff. Even my shirts. Doesn't matter, they're my team, for better or for worse.

Don't you dare EVER paint me or anyone else with that brush. We've stuck with this team for eons. Hell, I've never ever seen the Browns win a Division title in my lifetime. Try and find an NFL fan that can ever claim that.

Want to find a bandwagon fan rev.? Go look around Stark Co. after the Steelers are in the playoffs. So many weaklings can't take not rooting for a winner that they've switched allegiances and have NO f-ing clue about anything to do with football. Truly sickening.

Not our damn fault our team got moved to Baltimore and now it's successful, not our damn fault our owner hires horrible GM's and Coaches, not our fault we have a receiver can't catch a damn ball.

We're just fans, we root for our team, and wear their jersey's, nothing more, nothing less.
I so totally feel your pain bro!
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