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Default Re: Browns game thread

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
Don't you dare EVER paint me or anyone else with that brush. We've stuck with this team for eons. Hell, I've never ever seen the Browns win a Division title in my lifetime. Try and find an NFL fan that can ever claim that.

We're just fans, we root for our team, and wear their jersey's, nothing more, nothing less.
There are few of you out buy the season buy the jerseys of the average players who serve their time in Cleveland and move on to bigger and better drive the engine that keeps pumping out a mediocre product year after year by keeping the revenue streams up in SPITE of the fact that the Browns are not competitive. That's cool...

HOWEVER, I'm speaking strictly of the Sports Bar fan. They are few and far between by November, and THAT'S a fact, Jack...and I'm talking even IN Cleveland....
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