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Default Re: Lakelanders Saturday Practice Review ... first day back from scrimmage

Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post
Wow....lighten up dude. You're overreacting quite a bit to a simple question.

Although people here have disagreed with you, you usually respond in a decent manner.

You're not going to last long around here with posts like this one. This isn't
BlastFurnace! I shouldn't have to be concerned with whether or not I'm going to last around here. I've been a memebr here since 2006. I've been here one month longer than fansince'76. I'm member number 1503, so I've been here longer than most of the active members.

I haven't been abusive towards any single member on here .... EVER!

Is this a fan site that wants contributors who have a good eye for what's going down on this football team, or is this a fan site that gets its kicks out of circle jerkers who throw a bunch abuse and senseless negativity in the face of anybody who shows up new here to offer their insight?

I haven't been off-base yet on any of my analysis. I've started about a dozen threads on here, including a pre-camp assessment of the areas of improvement this team will succeed at, a review of the first pre-seasongame, and a review of Saturdays camp.

I didn't realize was an exclusive club for a select few of it's members and welcomes any new contributors with such utter disrespect!

I'm a goddamn Steelers fan for Christ's sake! I'm treated around here with about the same level of disrespect as my other fan site treats Patriots trolls and Chargers trolls. No, I take that back ... we actually treat trolls from other NFL teams with more respect than what some of these butt heads have offered me!

Disagree with me but but don't disrespect me!

MasterOf Pimples

I'm curious as to how many training camp sessions these three idiots have attended this year?

Because I've been to two of them now and have attended 4 plus hours of live contact. I offer some positive insight on here about what I am witnessing going down and I get lambasted about it by these butt heads.

I've got more Steelers intelligence than all three of these ignoramuses combined.
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