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Default Re: Outrageous Lawsuits...

Those are some wild-azzed claims! Those morons should have to pay Mother Nature for sucking up oxygen that they are clearly wasting.

Over the years as a paralegal, I came across some doozie lawsuits. One that stands out in my mind is the woman who came crying into our office holding a candy bar that had maggots in it that she had purchased from a 5 & 10 store in downtown Pittsburgh. The maggots were dead but she claimed she just bought the candy bar though she had no receipt to verify it and had not eaten any of it. The lawyer I worked for at the time, being the unscrupulous vampire bat that he was, decided to take her case for all it was worth and won a judgment via jury trial against the manufacturer of the candy bar for a nice chunk of change, claiming that the woman suffered "months upon months" of mental anguish and nightmares.

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