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Default Re: Anyone wanna buy me a present?

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I just typed a HUGE response listing all the US cars I've owned since I was 15 and the maybe 5-6 problesm I've had in the last 20 years, but I guess this timed out.

Anyway, from a '67 Camaro to a 2001 Lincoln LS, and plenty of cars in between, I've never seen a reason to buy a foreign car, and I probably never will...
I purchased an Audi S4 with some inheritance money, and I totaled it in an unfortunate accident. With the claim I payed off some credit debt and bought an Audi A4, and I've had nothing but problems... not to mention the cost to repair those problems. I had a timing belt and water pump replaced for $3,600. I also paid $960 for brakes and rotors all the way around. That isn't even at the dealership... Currently, I have a transmission problem consisiting of a bad throw-out bearing, and a bad synchronizer... not to mention the clutch that will likely call for a new transmission. The last time our mechanic at Euro-Auto in Cincy did a complete transmission in an A4 he charged $7,500. I bought the car for $19,900...

I love Audi's, but the cost to repair them is ridiculous. I will never own another German car again unless I'm financially ready to take on the cost of repairs. I will say that nothing drives like a well maintained German car. They are really on another level as far as automobile engineering... even down to the way the doors shut, but someone like myself can't handle the cost of repairs.

If you buy a German car it better be under warranty...

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