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Default Re: Okay, guys need you're help. (For The Pittsburghers)

The Steelers don't need our city. Pittsburgh doesn't need the Steelers. But much like the bottle with a note and the beach, they find each other. The Steelers are an organization that relied heavy on taking people with great heart and average/above average talent and producing great results. The city in return responds by giving a background for great results. The two then become one and form a bond that cannot be broken.

If you look at the team, you look at futility becomming excellence. If you look at the town, you look and industry becomming technology. Both roll with the punches, which brings us to the main point of the town and the team. We don't expect anything and we don't ask for anything. We look at the landscape and say okay this is the field we are given. What are the rules? Okay. Game on. Then we say no matter the starting point, no matter the climb, we will be a champion. Slowly and surely, we build. Still with high expectations, but all the while understanding its a climb. The incline takes awhile, but the view from Mt. Washington is worth it. So we grind, claw, and punch our way to the top. Yeah we have set backs. Yeah we have changes to the rules. Yeah we have shortcomings, but we don't use them as excuses. We use them as launching pads. Too slow, fine we will get faster. Too short, fine we will get taller. Either way, we will always be a town that relishes the underdog role and views the chance to compete on the national stage as an honor and a serious one as that. We understand that no matter what, we have a never ending desire to be the best. To produce results that far exceed what is expected. At the same time we understand that we don't have all the opportunities that are given to others. Fine. We don't see the rules we only see the prize which is ours and we will claim it. Not against the rules, but within it. We wouldn't have it any other way. Therefore, when you look at Pittsburgh and the Steelers you look at two forces coming at you non stop until you give in and not the other way around.
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