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Default Re: New Lies for Old

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
We have a different view of the world. I prefer freedom to do as I please. I earn. That is my money. I don't believe it should be confiscated into a socialist Ponzi scheme on a vague and disingenuous promise that "itt'll be there for ya" someday. I am absolutely certain I would have seen a greater return had I used those stolen dollars as I would have chosen.

I take no issue with those that choose to give their money to the gubmint. I would like have the choice to not participate. You people are for "choice", aren't you?
oh i agree considering by the time some of reach retirement age ,the only thing in that social security box will be nothing but IOU's. we won't see a penny of the money they've been taking from us thanks to the idiots we elect. ... isn't it ironic how the government makes laws to govern the citizens, but yet its the citizens who should be making laws to govern the government. we steal from them we pay a penalty...they steal from us and they're not held accountable....
but here's the thing...if every citizen was givin a million dollars say at age 21 ,and STRONGLY advised to make arrangements with a portion of the money for thier retirement years, be it by saving or investing. i bet a large percentage of the people would be flat ass broke without a penny of that million before they hit 50, and the taxpayers would end up supporting them anyway in thier golden years.
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