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Default Re: 2009 Tickets...fake?

Originally Posted by mturtlem View Post
Hi I just bought tickets to my first steelers game and was hoping somebody could help me if these tickets are fake or not. Has anyone got pics of a 2009 ticket? Mine have a pic of Holmes sitting down after his super bowl catch. The tickets are against the raiders and it says game 8 but its really the 6th game of the year. Anything I should look for? Thank you very much.
They include the 2 preseason games, which is why it says game 8 rather than 6. I have tickets to the Steelers/Browns game on Oct. 18 and it says game 5, when it's actually their 3rd regular season home game. Mine has a picture of Willie Parker (steelreserve's favorite player ) on the front. So your tickets are legit.
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