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Default Re: Steelers camp report: Champs, mellow? Too strange for fiction

I dont have a problem with this. Makes sense that you dont want to run everyone into the ground in camp. Just save it for game day, and do enough to refresh but no more.

If they had anything serious to work on Im sure Tomlin would see to it. But the guys sitting around are veterans, they know the deal. They know how to play. And Tomlin is rewarding them for it.

If anything this a sign to Rookies... The sooner you learn what to do and do it well. The less work when it comes to practice your gonna be required to do. Of course you still gotta play lights out on game day. But thats to be expected and these most these guys wouldn't have it any other way.

Personally I think Tomlin is running a good camp. He's working on the people than need to be worked with. And focusing on the big picture which is to field a Superbowl caliber team come Week 1. So its key to not shoot themselves in the foot at practice.
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