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Default Re: New Lies for Old

Originally Posted by hindes204 View Post
and that right there is the difference between me and you....its MY money, i should be able to do whatever the hell i want with it.

You say people arent responsible enough to manage the money they make, so what solution to you let the uber-resposible government tell me how and on what i should be spending my hard earned money sorry...but F THAT
hey i'm with ya... i'm just pointing out that what would happen if they stopped taking the percenting for social security out of your check, would just end up in federal tax, because of the people who DIDN'T plan ahead, would just end up on other government aid programs that still are funded through your tax dollars...only now there's gonna be a HUGE increase in people getting that aid. so ultimately its still going to come out of your check, just under a different name. did you read the example steelreserve posted ? is there a solution for lazy irresponcible people ? is there a solution for crooked politicians ? do you got a say in the government handing your tax dollars to other countries ? that pisses me off far more than my money going to aid american citizens.
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