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Default Re: Steelers camp report: Champs, mellow? Too strange for fiction

Originally Posted by SteelTalons View Post
Seeing how going easy on veterans helped people like Troy and some of the others to be able to sit back and stay fresh for game day and play to a higher level than they would have if they got an all out practice. I really dont see it as an issue since we know on a small scale it worked well for people. So just addressing what needs to be done till its where we need it to be. Comes across to me as a good approach.

I dont think this is a result of the Superbowl win though, if anything it might be a way for the players to explain it the media . Well he won a Superbowl so who's to judge what he does?

Tomlin is focusing on those who need the practice, not to run the veterans into the dirt. Now sure, if they fall short some asshole will say...

Oh its Tomlin's fault!!! I dont care if we fall short in the AFCCG, someone will say it regardless! Of course what do you expect? These are the same people that start "(Insert Persons Last Name Here) Sucks" threads every week. Stupid is as stupid does.
Ok, I can dig it. I hope it works out well for us. Our team is better then last years. I really want to repeat this year. If the players are happy then it's a good thing. Just a little concerned it might come back to bite us, but it could be nothing too. Hell, your right, it could be better for us.
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