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Default Punt returns and Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion

Rolle, punt returns and his lotion

There is little question Antrel Rolle is a dangerous player with the ball in his hands. He's scored five touchdowns the past two seasons as a defensive player -- four interceptions, one on a fumble in the Atlanta playoff win -- and should have had six if the officials has just let Antonio Smith block Carson Palmer like they should have.

So the Cardinals and coach Ken Whisenhunt thought as far back as last season that Rolle may be ideal for punt returns. After all, he did it in college, he loves the idea, and it made sense. But Rolle's brief foray into punt returns hasn't been what the Cards have wanted. Last year Rolle got one in the preseason, and he sprained his ankle so bad he missed a good chunk of training camp. Then, in the preseason opener this year, Rolle ended up with a fair catch and a four-yard return, a return that ended up with a fumble.

The story gets better, though. According to Rolle in a recent blog entry he penned, he forgot about his chance to return punts. So he turned to his normal pre-game lotion: "I always put some real thick Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion on my arms because it keeps me warm and loose during games. I do it before every game but I forgot that I was returning punts on Thursday. I caught the punt perfectly, but as soon as I tucked it away I felt it start to slip. Then someone hit me from behind and it just slipped out."

That's a new one I hadn't heard. If Rolle wants to become a punt return man full time, he's gonna have to forgo the Cherry Blossom lotion.

(Cherry lotion huh! Bet he smells real nice in the huddle. Two of the local radio jocks in Phoenix were having a field day with this today. Their response was "no Rolle you didn't fumble because of the lotion you fumbled because you got tackled". Stuff like this makes me so glad I'm a Steeler fan in of supporting the local circus that is the Cardinals. - mesa)

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