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Default Ben in September GQ Magazine - The Goal Is Five Rings

"Unsexy?" I beg to differ. Sexy isn't about looking like Tom Brady and hanging out with starlets. Sexy is confidence, among other things, and Ben has that in spades.
Ben Roethlisberger is only 27. He already has two Super Bowl rings and a $100 million contract with the most storied franchise in football. How much longer does he want to stick around? Until he’s the best ever
By Jeanne Marie Laskas; Photograph by Nathaniel Goldberg

He didn't grow up in Pittsburgh, but he looks like he did, and he acts like he did, and if there is anything Steelers fans want in their Steelers, it's authenticity. A touch of home. A pierogi kinda guy who just crawled out of J&L Steel after the night shift and needs a shot and an Iron to start his morning right. None of which is even remotely true about Ben Roethlisberger, nor does that sort of guy even exist in Pittsburgh anymore—steel is dead, and the mills are shopping malls. But that's how it was in the '70s, when the Steelers ruled the world and the fan base got solidified as a foundation for generations to come.

So, Roethlisberger! A big lug of a guy with a cinder-block head who almost certainly can't dance except—holy shit!—outside the pocket. A quiet, polite, unsexy guy you can't stop naming sandwiches after. Beef, sausage, scrambled eggs, and American cheese on the North Side. Beef, bacon, barbecue sauce, ranch, Cheddar, and provolone over on Route 51. Roethlisberger fits in Pittsburgh because he does not and probably never will look like a man who makes $12 million a year. He shows up on the Internet drinking tequila in somebody's basement. He makes headlines for almost dying in a motorcycle accident and for some alleged scandalous acts in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe. Anybody really know him? Not really. Pittsburgh is an old lady who hopes her precious, awkward little boy will do the right thing. He's such a young pup. He's a machine. He performs! He wins.

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