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Default Re: Who watched Shaq Vs.?

Originally Posted by steelballs View Post
It was pretty funny all around. I liked the part when Shaq went to Ben's place and hit the intercom to get in, Ben asked "Shaq who?"
The rest of the show followed that same kind of scenario as they both cracked jokes on each other.

Ben was into it, when he got down 14-7, you could see the competitiveness that we all have seen on Sundays come out.
You should have seen the look on Ben's face when Shaq said that if he won, he'd get to wear Ben's SB ring for a week....Ben said yes grudgingly, but only if he got to wear Shaq's NBA championship ring if he won. Never got to see if that bet was enforced as the show ended when Ben won the comptition.
Shaq said at the end he would have the ring delivered to Ben's house...
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