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Default Re: New Lies for Old

FDR did some things that ultimately caused harm. But the situation in this country in the 30's was BAD, way worse than anyone here will ever comprehend. Calling him evil is just WAY over the top...I also take umbrage with ANY article which resorts to name calling and lacing a few facts in amongst flat out hate filled rhetoric. I don't like it when the likes of Maureen Dowd do it, and I don't care for it here.

Now back to "Evil doer" are some facts and figures for the more moderate:

He literally helped save the US economy through reform and agricultural and business recovery packages, some of which led the US to the greatest economic expansion (arguably) in the history of the World post WWII. Did he use the government to do so? Absolutely...but it was also absolutely necessary...Things like the CCC and the WPA were essential to economic recovery, and actually are examples of the very BEST that can happen when the government steps in to help ailing private business.

He was also instrumental in encouraging private business to establish pensions for workers, a near extinct act now, but a good one that I wish would be resurrected.

Also, something the extreme right windgers usually ignore is that by 1937 there were a lot of signs of recovery and FDR set out to CUT Federal spending, something his latter day fellow Democrats would never be willing to do. That never came about because of another economic downturn, but it shows a clear flexibility i thinking on his part.

I'm not even going to mention WWII. Some mistakes were made, but obviously the outcome was favorable...hardly the work of "the embodiment of evil".

The problem with blaming the initiator of acts that become permanent or entrenched is that the initial acts were usually necessary. Look at Welfare. Clinton reformed it and made it look much more like what it was supposed to be (temporary relief), something like relief plans that date back to the Roman Empire. Obama rolled that reform back, though. ANY government plan can be abused and misused...

One last word on FDR. He issued his "Four F's" (freedoms) in 1941 for what he envisioned a post-war US to be like. I think any John Bircher would be satisfied and pleased: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.
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