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Default This John Kuhn fella!!!!

Since joining SF I`ve been intrigued by a name that keeps cropping up all over the place....Kuhn.
He seems to be something of a legend/folk hero amongst Steeler fans.
I`m a 2 year NFL-Steeler rookie so I just missed out on his tenure with the Steelers,but today I thought I`d look into this enigma.
It seems he kept getting cut and then re-signed by the Steelers and eventually moved on to the Packers and is now with the Cardinals.
I was wondering why he has such cult-status amongst you all.....I`m guessing it`s because he was pretty bad when he was with the Steelers.
The strange thing is,is that although he kept getting cut he also kept getting re-signed and he still keeps getting signed up by other he must have something about him.
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