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Default Re: Outrageous Lawsuits...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Why does McD's always get sued? Easy they are a mega-conglomerate with gobs and gobs of cash...they'll actually probably have to settle this POS lawsuit because it will cost more to defend against it.

Here's super easy tort reform in action. Have the judge be able to throw these cases out WITHOUT A LAWYER HAVING TO ASK FOR THE CASE TO BE DISMISSED. The judge can just look at the case and say "This is bullshit, I'm throwing it out, and fining the plaintiff $5000 for filing a frivolous suit".

Enact THAT kind of simple solution and watch the amount of silly suits drop to next to none...
actually i'd like to see the fine go TO THE LAWYERS, then you'd definetly see this crap stop !!!
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