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Default Re: New Lies for Old

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
FDR did some things that ultimately caused harm.
Rev, you make your points well, and I respect your point of view.

FDR was revered by many as the man that ended the depression and substantially led us through arguably our greatest test as a nation, WWII. That is one perspective and I understand why folks see it that way. As I said in another post, I am from a family and married into one that are quite polarized on FDR.

My perspective descends from personal experience and a lot of research that resulted from that experience.

I had occasion to work at facility that shall remain nameless outside of Frankfurt West Germany during the first Nixon administration. That facility was formerly one of IG Farben's largest chemical plants, and to this day remains one of the largest chemical development and production facilities in the world. My recollection is that it is several miles by several miles in dimension and the River Main flows through it.

I lived in the village to the West of the complex, a completely rebuilt little burg because it was totally destroyed in the war. The town of Hoechst is to the East. It too was destroyed and rebuilt. The complex wasn't touched, except that a bridge that crossed the Main was hit by a lone fighter returning from a mission and he hit a "target of opportunity". I'm certain he got reamed out for that.

IG Farben in and of itself is a fascinating story that I'm not going to go into here. Suffice to say, it was absolutely pivotal to the nazi war effort and munitions manufacturing. In fact, IGF were the folks that gave us Zyklon B, the stuff they gassed people with in the "camps" (another story). I worked in this complex and saw what I saw.

So while the Eighth Air Force was reducing the rest of Germany to rubble, IGF was happily producing all manner of stuff that was killing our folks and the rest of Europe. ONE STINKING BOMB touched the complex in the entirety of the war. And it isn't like you'd miss it as you flew over it, it is freekin enormous. One might ask "why?".

I'll leave you to your own research and conclusions. I've done mine over the last 30+ years. I will point out that Wall Street financed hitler, as they had done the bolsheviks. There are numerous tomes "out there", but I'll make it easy here. These are on line - In these you will see that Wall Street are a bunch of socialists that financed emerging socialist regimes. You will also see that FDR was in the center of it.

If your interests are piqued by IGF, you might stray into the relationships between other US firms and "the bad guys", like that between IBM and the SS. Yeah, you know those Germans and their fanaticism for accuracy.. If you're going to exterminate a lot of folks, you need to keep accurate records, and who better to retain than IBM. Oh, and back to IGF, I walked past the barracks that "housed" the human test subjects on the way to my office every day. They now "house" beagles for similar purposes.

As to why IBM would supply kraut death camps with the means to account, or why ITT would equip U-boats with their sites, or why the massive SS weapons research and development facility that surrounded Auschwitz wasn't touched is never touched by "the media" is consistent with the rest of their "reportage". Morrow and Cronkite were probably distracted by all the carnage on German cities.

I could go on about all the other accomplishments of the FDR "administration", but I'll leave it there. The buck stops at the desk of FDR. I stand by my statement.

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Abraham Lincoln
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