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Default Re: Shaq Vs.... Ben

Originally Posted by TackleMeBen View Post
you sound just like my sister, she is all the time mentioning to me how he dresses and what he wears. she said that he needs to invest in a fashion coordinator.. i am sure his mom could help out
LOL!! I'm constantly amazed at how a guy who makes many millions of dollars a year always looks like he needs a decent suit and a good haircut. I know Ben isn't Tom Brady and isn't ever going to look like a GQ model, but he could spend some money on really high quality suits and have them perfectly tailored (and he's TOO BIG for pinstripes - they look horrible on him). If he'd wear charcoal or navy, he'd look great.

And don't even get me started on his hair...he always looks like he either did it himself or went to SuperCuts or something.

Love you dearly, Ben, but someone needs to dress and groom you beyond the college jock look.
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