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Originally Posted by AllAmericanSteelerGirl#7
I think this was a good move by Philly. Freddy Mitchell was a good player...when he was actually playing. Basically the only time he got to play was when T.O. was injured. I never knew somebody that went from never been heard of to the most arrogant player on the Philadelphia Eagles. His mouth got him in trouble. I heard he now wants to go to the Denver Broncos, we'll see. He kind of reminds me of Plaxico Burress. I mean Plax thought that every team would want him, it ends up that he was lucky to go to the Giants. Plax thought he was the best wide reciever in the league. And don't get me wrong, he was a great player, he just had the wrong attitude because "he didn't get the ball thrown to him enough." Same with Freddy, he is a good wide receiver, but he was incredibly too cocky. I think Reid made the right decision here. Thats my opinion.....:)

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I wouldn't call Plax "great".I'd call him decent...he underachieved.All that potential and he hasn't used it yet.

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