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Default Re: New Lies for Old

I am well aware of the links between Farben and the US. The World was not AS controlled by international conglomerates then as it is now, but there was still a lot of "conflict of interest". Ford and Sears and a bunch of other US companies were entangled with the Nazi's and vice versa. HOWEVER, much of this is apocryphal at best, conspiratorial at worst. Too much to get into here, but I do have some mitigating facts.

The Farben factory was "largely left intact" but was also inhabited by countless Frankfurt residents left homeless due to the bombing. There are rumors that Eisenhower wanted it left intact because he intended to use it as his HQ post-war, and, in fact, there was a LOT of US activity in that building after the war, including the CIA using it. However it's much more likely that the allies didn't bomb it because of it's relative proximity to the Gruneburgpark refugee camp.

I've heard and read a lot of wild conspiracy theories about FDR over the years, and I mostly attribute that to his high stature amongst US presidents..."the nail that sticks up gets pounded" kind of thing. He was recently voted by historians the third best president in US history behind Washington and Lincoln, and that kind of notoriety is Certain to attract the wrong kind of attention. The (D) behind his name paints a target on his chest, and we've all seen what "historians" with an agenda can do with a revisionist brush (see: Trying to say the holocaust never occurred).

For the most part, after researching this myself with NO personal agenda, I see a little smoke and no fire at all. FDR was no satanic cabalistic demagogue, just a US President with a difficult job who made some mistakes but mostly got it right during one of the most dangerous periods in US history.
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